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Model Search

Next true beauty this:

cheep is seeking ecclectic trendy stylish individuals who know how to shop, (and we don't mean at H&M or urbanoutfitters...despite how cute their things may be.) to model in our zine.

this ain't america's (or any other country's) next top model. we don't care about height, weight, ethnicity, or sex. if you have an outfit you can rock, and you're comfortable in your own skin, and comfortable with strangers seeing decent pictures of you; then we extend an extremely warm welcome.

submit photos to this group, the flickr group, or get some yea or nays on our facebook group. you're also welcome to send us an email: cheepzine@gmail.com

other qualifications:
1. absolutely NO snapshots. the preliminary trial photos can be close ups, after that you must learn the joys of amatuer photography or find someone who already does.

2. though we could care less about how you look, keep the pictures in good taste please.

3. the purpose of cheep is to save people money. the fashion you display must be on a budget of no more than $25. we want a full talley of everything you have on, where it's from, and its cost. don't hessitate to let us know if any of the items are handmade.

4. the next two issues (one an insert issue, the other our complete quarterly) center around spring/summer time. these are a few of the back drop motifs we want to see:
flowers, picnics, cars/roadtrips, parks, gardens, sunshine. we realise there's some rebels out there so we'll even take: vaccant lots, crowded urban streets, abandoned playgrounds, cloudy weather, and front porches.




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