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cheep_zine's Journal

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The perfect recession reader. Cheep stays true to its namesake by providing readers with plenty of helpful tips on saving. Cheep ‘zine is the brain child of crafters, hipsters, and thrifty folks out to save you from the doldrums of today’s crumbling economy. Living on a budget isn’t easy for anyone. Let us take the load off your shoulders. Whether it’s making a meal out of table scraps, staying trendy, entertaining friends, or finding everyday necessities we'll have it covered.

While the main goal of Cheep is to cut costs, we also want gain acceptance. We want to amount to more than a local 'zine, to more than an american 'zine. We want to expand. Please, let us know what's important to you, and what's happening in your area. Reader input is key to having a successful publication. Chee values all ideas and opinions. Contributing writters and crafters are always welcome. Post something fantastic, and if you permit us; it could wind up in our next issue.


all we ask is that you keep it clean:
no dirty pictures, dirty articles, insulting comments, spam links, or anything of that nature.

oh! for courtesy purposes:
CUT your article, commentary, or speculation if it runs longer than three paragraphs
CUT your pictures if they're incredibly large, or there's an incredibly large amount of them